George Rathman Coaching

I have had the opportunity to partner with clients to guide them on a journey of possibilities and opportunities. Together we learn. 

Atlanta, GA - I began working with George as an emerging leader in my organization. George was there through every difficult decision and through the more subtle steps along the way too. He professionally challenges me and enhances my natural leadership style. He takes what is cloudy in my head, removes the fog, and through his questions and guidance allows me to progress with clarity and confidence. I value his balanced style that gives attention to my unique, time-sensitive business challenges and equally engages in exercises that hold me accountable to measured growth and development.

Denver, CO – I had the pleasure of working with George during several major transitions in my personal and professional lives.  George offers a warm and supportive coaching process with just enough structure, external accountability, and flexibility.  I hope to work with George again and will enthusiastically recommend him to my friends. 

Nashville, TN - I highly recommend George Rathman and the executive coaching services that he offers. When I first reached out to George, I was in need of guidance and direction on the "next step" in my career.  I was truly at a crossroads and seeking a refresh.  George carefully guided me over the last six months, and I confidently "landed" on an exciting and actionable next step.  He is an extremely positive person and helped me to achieve a new level of self-awareness.  That self-awareness has made me a much more thoughtful and satisfied person - both personally and professionally.  We often do not invest in ourselves beyond college, but I highly recommend that you make an investment in yourself by working with George.

Atlanta, GA - From the very first conversation with George, I knew that I would grow from this experience.  He immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable with a process with which I had no prior experience. The Energy profile and thoughtful questioning transformed my leadership perspective and impact.  My team and those closest to me saw a noticeable difference.  The transition from one position, culture, and group to another presented many challenges.  George coached me to a higher level of leadership and positive impact.  This was the obvious goal for the professional coaching.  The aspect that I had not considered was the personal goals that I set for myself through the coaching.  George also challenged me to consider my health and wellness as an aspect of my leadership impact.  This led me to revisit my meditation and planning time to increase my effectiveness.  After the coaching sessions, the alignment between the leader that I intended to be and the leader that I actually was became realized.  I also saw reduced anxiety and stress as I integrated reflection into my day to day discipline.  This process forever changed me for the better.  I would recommend George and his services to anyone.

Salt Lake City, UT - I have known George since my athletic days at Xavier and more recently began working with him as an executive coach.  His experience and wisdom have proven to be exceptionally valuable in both my professional and personal journey.  He opened my eyes to energy leadership as a framework to become aware of my own energy levels in various organizational dynamics. It’s an expanded way to approach leadership and life. If you find yourself facing a new leadership role, navigating challenging organizational dynamics or with a deep desire for growth you should consider working with George as a coach.

Bedminster, NJ - Overall, trying to accept the changes and challenges in my life had become a daily task that was not going well.  Indecisiveness, spinning my wheels and procrastination became constant companions.  Through a personal recommendation, I contacted George and quickly discovered an expert business and life coach that listened with his heart. George helped me set in place different processes to stop spinning my wheels and re-discover the inner strength to recognize, accept and transform the business and personal spaces of my life.  During each coaching session, George continually presented tools to work with, the inspiration to stay motivated and did it all with a large measure of fun.  Thank you George!

Atlanta, GA - George, as a coach  is brilliant, concrete, methodical and flexible. Though I brought many years of experience in corporate, NGOs, education, and non-profits to my small business when starting it several years ago, George’s ability to rapidly synthesize information, analyze paradigms, and  guide me to develop concrete, measurable actions enabled me to implement immediate strategies in developing, delivering, and recognizing a return on our processes. I highly recommend George and will to work with him.

Toronto, ON - George is an exceptional business coach.  He has kept me focused and on track with my goals. He listens attentively and offers valuable tools and creative ideas that are easy to integrate into my business.  George's consistent support, his insights and observations have helped me to develop and clarify my intentions around my business as well as to look at my deeper values and needs.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with George and glean from his exemplary coaching skills.

Atlanta, GA -  I was at a crossroads and realized I needed someone to help me figure out which direction to take to lead a more fulfilling life.  Following our initial consultation I could tell George identified my struggles by asking all the right questions.  He gave me the tools I needed to not only handle the conflicts that were stagnating my growth but he also helped me realize my potential and what I had to offer both personally and professionally thus giving me the confidence to begin the journey to a  new chapter in my life.  Self-evaluation has always been somewhat of a painful process for me but George's patience and ability to get to the heart of what was holding me back proved invaluable.  I would highly recommend his services.

Atlanta, GA - George was instrumental in helping transform my business idea from a simple thought to a reality.  I had talked about starting my own healthcare practice for years but didn't know how or where to start.  Through mindful guidance and coaching, he empowered me to move forward with my project and I couldn't be more pleased with his services.  I would refer him to anyone considering career development or transition without hesitation.

Atlanta, GA - When I reached out to George, I was struggling to define what I wanted out of my business. Within a few sessions, he guided me in developing clear goals and an actionable plan to reach these goals. George’s coaching illuminated our challenges and ultimately helped take the business in the right direction.

Atlanta, GA - George used thoughtful and systematic questioning to determine what was important in helping me move forward in my career. We zeroed in on identifying transferable skills that would allow me to present skills and expertise in an industry in which I have no prior experience. The method he used allowed me to identify a comprehensive list of skill sets and provided a foundation on which to build a new resume and search strategy. George's insight helped me realign my strategy and has already proved helpful in helping my career progress.

Nashville, TN - Having George as my coach has been one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. He has enabled me to look at my life differently and find a different sense of calm that I have not had before. I am always energized and excited after our conversations. What I enjoy the most is that I find myself passing on the little nuggets of wisdom to someone else. The experience has been truly wonderful.

Charleston, SC - During our time together I found George to be calming and sincere. His ability to ask empowering questions to move me forward was magical. He has an extraordinary ability to create a supportive environment which made me feel safe to talk about challenging life events. I so appreciated it.

​Cincinnati, OH – George listens to my issues and goals; he provides positive feedback, insight, and most importantly, direction not only to resolve my issues/obtain my goals but a path (process) fulfilled with satisfaction, growth, and reward.  In working with George, I have generated a more positive attitude toward my personal life and my future career.