George Rathman Coaching

Life is a perfect adventure; a game that cannot be won or lost, only played.

Career Development and Transition 

As an Executive Business Career Coach focused on leadership development and career progression, I partner with clients to advance hard and soft skills to improve personal and business performance such as:

- Moving from co-worker to supervisor
- Preparing for promotions and larger areas of job responsibilities
- Leading through empowering, encouraging and innovating
- Improving communication effectiveness
- Working through people

I partner with clients to achieve career goals more quickly such as:

- Lateral role promotions and experience
- Launching a job search
- Activating your network
- Changing jobs to new industries or functions
- Researching new career areas of interest

The challenges of balancing work and personal life are part of an everyday reality for most professionals. With creativity, courage, clarity and focus, coaching can help a person develop strategies to evaluate and implement one’s own personal work-life plan.